You Are A Leader

Catch The Fire Leaders Alliance is an all-in-one platform, resource, and community to empower you to lead. Be confident that you have strong support all year round as God transforms the world through you.

Belong to a family who strives to advance the Kingdom through their leadership. 

Here you’ll find the recording of your one-hour video coaching clinics, two per month and tons of content focused on leadership and growth as well as live interaction with our speakers. 

We are committed to release brand new content each month to help you continuously grow as a leader.

What's included with your subscription

  • Video Coaching Clinics

    You will receive live discussions with your peers and a Development Teaching Course each month. If you can't tune in live, we've got you covered! You will have access to the recordings all year round.

  • Regional Leaders Day

    Your membership includes in person gatherings in local regions multiple times a year. At these live events, you will get to meet other leaders and enjoy hands-on ministry. The day will be filmed and stored in our archives for viewing later.

  • Access anytime, anywhere

    Have the freedom to learn on your own time, however you like. Course material will be accessible through any desktop or mobile devices at your most convenient time.

  • Holy Spirit Impartation

    Our team and advisors are here to give you a spiritual backing in your leadership and recognize the role of Holy Spirit in your calling.

  • Online community

    Being a leader and a pioneer can be lonely. Through our online community, you'll become a part of a family of people that are walking a similar road. It's a space to share your thoughts and encourage others.

  • New content each month

    Each month we'll release brand new content so that your growth as a leader never stops. On going communication through our discussion boards.

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Subscription options

Subscribing will give you unlimited access to all of our current and future courses as well as our online video coaching clinics and Leaders Alliance Day.


Our team of world class leaders to help you with wise counsel.